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Ukraine on Fire (HIS 431, RES 431). Research Guide: Primary Sources

Primary Sources in English

Princeton University Library Catalog*
An online catalog of all holdings in all formats in the collections of Princeton University Library, including more than 50,000 titles related to Russian literature.


WorldCat is a database that amalgamates the catalog records from more than 72,000 libraries in 170 countries. The database contains over 2 billion records representing materials in 470 languages and dialects. As a rule items discovered in WorldCat and not held by Princeton can be requested through the Borrow Direct Service, which gives Princeton researchers access to the collections of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, The University of Chicago, The University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. Materials not available through any of the Borrow Direct partner libraries can be requested through Interlibrary Services.


Kyiv Independent
An English-language Ukrainian newspaper.
Euromaidan Press
An English-language Ukrainian newspaper.
Current Digest of the Russian Press
An English-language digest of the Russian press (Current Digest of the Soviet Press until 1991) Also available in print.
Moscow Times: 1997-2023
An English-language Moscow newspaper. Web version 1997-2023.
Moscow Times 1997-2014
An English-language Moscow newspaper. Issues for 1994-2014.
Moscow News (1998-2014)
An English-language Moscow newspaper. Issues for 1998-2014.
ITAR-TASS Daily (1997-Present)
English translation of Russia's official state-run news agency.
*A Note about Transliteration.
Researchers interested in sources in regional languages using non-Roman scripts (e.g. Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian) should be aware that Princeton University Library Catalog, WorldCat and other North American catalogs use the Library of Congress Romanization Tables for Russian as the standard rendering text in these languages using the Latin alphabet. When searching these catalogs it is recommended that names and other words in these languages be transliterated using this scheme. Searching in Cyrillic will retrieve only a small subset of materials in these collections.

Primary Sources in Regional Languages

East View Ukrainian Publications
A collection of publications from Ukraine, including newspapers and other journalistic publications, government publications, and academic pubications.
East View Russian Central Newspapers
A collection of newspapers and other journalistic publications from Moscow and St. Petersburg.
East View Chernobyl Files
A collection of declassified documents from the Ukrainian KGB.
Ukraine Crisis Ephemera
A collection of print ephemera related to the Ukraine crisis 2014-present.
East View Universal Databases
A large database of publications (journalistic, scholarly, governmental) from Russia and other former Soviet territories covering the entirety of the Soviet and post-Soviet eras.
Ukrainian Cultural Ephemera Collection 1914-1930
A collection of print ephemera from early twentieth-century Ukraine (1914-1930).

Visual Resources

Ukraine Crisis Ephemera
A collection of print ephemera related to the Ukraine crisis 2014-present.
Late Soviet Posters
A collection of posters from the second half of the Soviet era (1960-) from the Russian Republic and other former Soviet Republics.
Ne boltai!
A vast online collection of posters (primarily propaganda posters) from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union dating anywhere from 1900 to the present. The online collection is based on an enormous private poster collection in Prague. Registering and obtaining login credentials is required to access the database, but is free of charge.