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HIS 400-S04: Islands

Junior Seminar

The source-driven junior paper

Often, the best work arises from close engagement with a primary source. As you read, you'll think of questions or begin to shape an argument. The hard part is to find a primary source that addresses the broad general area of interest. Here are some strategies for finding primary sources:

The Big Four Online Primary Source Providers

Adam Matthew, Gale, Proquest, and Readex provide a large portion of our online primary source materials. Each company has created a consolidated search engine which allows you to search all of the materials they provide.

AM explorer (Adam Matthew)

Gale Primary Sources (Gale)

Proquest History (Proquest)

Readex AllSearch (Readex)

Library collections spotlight: primary source material

Primary source: world history

Primary sources: British history

Primary sources: American history