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SPI 401e- Decolonizing Aid

Open Access Policy Literature

Centering local scholarly voices

It can be challenging to find non-Western scholarship in US-based databases and journals. One technique involves using the two-letter country code in Google Scholar. This approach may work well for identifying global, non-Western research. The key lies in the "site tag" for country code. For example, in Google Scholar try the search:

allintitle:("international aid" OR "foreign aid") site:ke
The results appear to be limited to scholars working within Kenya (ke) who deposit their work in a Kenyan university repository. Similarly, we could conduct the search in Egypt:
("international aid" OR "foreign aid") AND (decolonization OR colonial OR decolonisation) site:eg
Another search:
allintitle:("international aid" OR "foreign aid") site:eg
The results, again, appear to be from Egyptian (eg) authors and institutions, publishing in Egyptian journals. Allintitle looks for those keywords in the title field.