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Princeton ARCH Program

A guide to the Princeton ARCH Program

About ARCH

The Archives Research and Collaborative History Program (ARCH) introduces participants to the archival field, how to use primary-source documents, and potential career opportunities in cultural heritage professions. Students and program facilitators from Princeton and participating HBCUs will also engage in critical discussions about archival practice and the importance of diversity in archival collections.

Conducted on the Princeton University campus, participants will learn about archives through lectures, discussions, tours, hands-on workshops, and field trips led by special collections staff, librarians, and featured guest lecturers from both Princeton and participating HBCUs. Following the program, participants will coordinate with a mentor and potentially work on an archival project at their home institution.

Students and staff from five historically black colleges and universities explored archival practices, historical narratives and social justice during the inaugural Archives Research and Collaborative History Program at Princeton. (Video by Danielle Alio, Princeton University Office of Communications)


ARCH Staff - Special Collections

  • Dr. Caryl McFarlane, Co-founder of the Alliance of HBCU Museums and Galleries
  • Alexis Antracoli, Assistant University Librarian, Special Collections (she/her/s)
  • April C. Armstrong, Special Collections Assistant (she/her/s)
  • Annalise Berdini, Digital Archivist (she/her/s)
  • Kelly Bolding, Project Archivist, Americana MSS Collections (she/her/s)
  • Faith Charlton, Lead Processing Archivist, MSS Division Collection (she/her/s)
  • Christa Cleeton, Special Collections Assistant (she/her/s)
  • Will Clements, Public Policy Papers Archivist (he/him/his)
  • Lynn Durgin, Collections Coordinator (she/her/s) 
  • Amanda Ferrara, Public Services Project Archivist (she/her/s)
  • Valencia L. Johnson, Project Archivist for Student Life (she/her/s)
  • Sara Logue, Assistant University Librarian, Special Collections Public Services (she/her/s)
  • Chloe Pfendler, Processing Archivist, MSS Division Collections (she/her/s)
  • Emma Sarconi, Reference Professional (she/her/s)
  • Dan Linke, University Archivist and Deputy Head of Special Collections (he/him)
  • Will Noel, Associate University Librarian for Special Collections (he/him)

ARCH Staff - HBCU Institutions

  • Sophia Sotilleo, Lincoln University
  • Jessica Garner, Lincoln University
  • Dr. Jontyle Robinson, Tuskegee University
  • Dr. Clifford L. Muse, Jr., Howard University
  • Tony Bounds, Tougaloo College

ARCH Staff - Princeton University Art Museum

  • Caroline Harris, Associate Director for Education at the Princeton Art Museum (she/her/s)
  • Laura Giles, Curator of Prints and Drawings