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Economic and Financial Databases - Workstation Based


Available on the workstations located near Firestone A-13-J, Robertson 046, Andlinger 211A, Master of Finance lounge in JRR, and Sherrerd lower level. Provides real-time and historical pricing, fundamental data, and business news.

Haver Analytics

Princeton subscription includes Bank for International Settlements and forecasting services from Focus Economics, Fx4Casts, and Blue Chip Current and Historical Economics Indicators.  Also see Haver Excel User ManualDownloading Instructions, and Haver Excel Options.

Look for DLX in the Start Menu.

Morningstar Direct

Includes international open-ended and closed-end mutual funds; hedge funds, exchange traded funds, UK pension funds, variable annuities, variable life, and insurance product funds. Requires passwords and codes. 1990+

Software Locations in Firestone

Databases by workstation
  SSRC08 SSRC07 SSRC06 SSRC10 SSRC09    
CapitalIQ X X X X X    
Cbonds   X          
Haver Analytics X X X X X    
Morningstar Direct X X X X X    
Refinitiv Workspace/Datastream X X X X      
SDC Platinum X X X X X       X X