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Get the Full Text of an Article

1) Search Articles+ for the article title in quotes. If it is online, click "Full Text Online" and you should go to the journal article. If the link takes you to the Journal website or Journal issue instead (which sometimes happens), navigate to the Year/Volume, Issue, and Page Range you want.

Example: Garcia, Humberto. “Blake, Swedenborg, and Muhammad: The Prophetic Tradition, Revisited.” Religion & Literature, 2012, 35–65.


2) If the article is not available full-text through Articles+, search the Catalog for the Journal Title. Sometimes only the citation is listed in Articles+, or there is no result at all.

Example: Misak, Cheryl. “How Not to Think of Convergence on the Truth.” The Modern Schoolman 76, no. 2/3 (1999): 133–140.

Find the catalog record for the journal. Do we have access online or in print?
If online, click on the access link or, go to the online journal, and navigate to the Year/Volume, Issue, and Page you want.

If in print, locate the Year/Volume and Issue you want. If it is in Firestone or another campus library, go get it. If it is in ReCAP, request the article you need.

3) If you get to a web page with the article information that still won't let you access the article for free, make sure you’re on campus or connecting remotely. Instructions for using the library off campus are here:

4) If these methods fail, use Article Express to request a copy. The Library will get you an electronic copy of the article if it is available anywhere.