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Doing Research at Princeton's Library: Introduction: Welcome!


Dear PWP faculty,

In this guide, We've assembled some of the key resources for doing library research in Unit 3 of the writing seminars, as well as some teaching tools/lesson plans to help introduce your students to Princeton's vast (and sometimes overwhelming) physical and digital collections.

Audrey B. Welber (abw@)
Rebecca Friedman (rfriedma@)

Learning Outcomes for PUL/PWP Partnership

Students will:
  1. Discover how a librarian can help them with research and know how to contact their writing seminar librarian, Personal Librarian, and/or subject specialist
  2. Know how to identify, locate, and evaluate primary and scholarly secondary sources across disciplines
  3. Explore the physical and online resources available to them via Princeton’s collections
  4. Be able to recognize the relevant scholarly conversations surrounding their topic and see themselves as participants
  5. Identify and reflect on gaps in their in-progress research question/thesis and formulate search strategies accordingly
  6. Understand how to deploy, digest, and ethically cite sources in their research essays

Contact Audrey

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Audrey B. Welber

Contact Rebecca

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Rebecca Friedman
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Firestone Library, A-15G
609-258-3163 or -3783
Subjects: Art & Archaeology