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Political Opinion & Survey Data Sources

Sources for United States and international public opinion results and data, with an emphasis on political topics

Broad Public Opinion Archives

You can find many topical public opinion surveys from our Data and Statistical Services (DSS) site.

For a guide to historical sources, both domestic and international, focused on question texts and summary statistics, see the Public Opinion Polls for Historians guide.

Major U.S. Political Opinion Sources

Panel Surveys

Ballot/candidate and approval polls

Topical and Special Population Polls

Multistate and Regional Polls

For additional state sources, see this list of academic & not-for-profit survey research organizations maintained by the U. of Illinois at Chicago Survey Research Laboratory.



Cronkite-Eight Poll 1996-2009

Arizona State University, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Arkansas Poll 1999+

University of Arkansas, Dept. of Political Science, Blair Center of Southern Politics and Society 


Deliberative Polling®: California 2011

Stanford University, Dept. of Communication, Center for Deliberative Democracy, 

The Field (California) Poll 1956+ (ended in 2016)

The Field Institute, San Francisco, CA

Orange County (California) Surveys

The Pacific Poll 2001

University of California - Irvine

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) 1998+


University of Connecticut/Hartford Courant Poll 2012+


National Agenda Opinion Poll 2013

University of Delaware, Center for Political Communication


FIU/Florida Poll 1988-2006

Statewide survey of 1,200 Florida residents.

Print publication by Florida International University Press for the years1989-1992

Prepared by the Institute for Public Opinion Research, School of Journalism and Mass Communication. "The survey research lab at IPOR at Florida International University ceased operation on May 31, 2011." [website]

Florida Omnibus Survey

Florida Opinion Research

Public Opinion Research Laboratory  2011+

University of North Florida

Results in press releases


Burruss Poll 2010

Kennesaw State University, A.L. Burruss Institute of Public Service and Research 

Results in news releases.

Peach State Poll 2001-2008

University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government 


Illinois Opinion Monitor 2007+

 University of Illinois, Institute of Government & Public Affairs

Illinois Policy Survey 1996+

Northern Illinois University, Center for Governmental Studies

Paul SImon Public Policy Institute Poll 2008+

Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois Poll 2010+

Southern Illinois University


The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll


Hawkeye Poll 2009+

University of Iowa, Political Science Department

Kansas–North Carolina


Kansas Speaks 2009+

Fort Hays State University, Docking Institute

Results published in reports.


Louisiana Survey 2011+

Louisiana State University


Maine People's Resource Center 2010+


Goucher Poll  2012+

Goucher College

Results published in press releases.

Maryland Statewide Polls 2000+

Conducted by Gonzales Research & Marketing.

Results published in PDF.


Boston Globe Poll 2005+

U. of New Hampshire, Survey Center

Findings released in PDF.

UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion

Western New England University Polling Institute


State of the State 1994+

Michigan State University,  Institute for Public Policy & Social Research,  Office for Survey Research


Humphrey Polling 2006+ (election years)

U. of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Center for the Study of Politics and Governance


Statewide Polls 1998+

St. Cloud State University

Findings and other documents presented in PDF.


Mississippi Poll1988+

Mississippi State University


Montana State University Billings Poll 1999+

Most current poll

Findings presented in PDF. 

New Hampshire

Granite State Poll 2002+

University of New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Poll 1976+

American Research Group, Inc..

New Jersey

Eagleton Poll 1971+

Rutgers University

Fairleigh Dickenson University PublicMind Poll 2001+

Monmouth University Polling Institute Reports 2005+; Monmouth University Polling Dataverse 2011+

New York 

Siena (College Research Institute) New York Poll 2005+


Stonybrook University


North Carolina

Carolina Issues Poll 2007-2012

Sponsored by NC Policy Watch.

The Carolina Poll 1980s-2000

U. of North Carolina, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Archived at the Odum Institute.

Civitas Poll 2005+

Results published on website.

Conducted by Civitas Institute "North Carolina's Conservative Voice."

Elon University Poll 2000+

High Point University Poll 2010+



Ohio Poll 1981+

University of Cincinnati, Institute for Policy Research 

Press releases with results available online 2009+

Ohio Poll 2013 +

Mercyhurst U., Center for Applied Politics (MCAP) 


Oregon Values & Beliefs Surveys 2013

"This project represents the third installment of the decennial Oregon Values and Beliefs Project, continuing and extending similar opinion research conducted in 1992 and 2002." [website]

Findings presented in PDF format. 


Franklin and Marshall College Poll 1995+

Successor to the Keystone Poll

Muhlenberg College Polling Institute ~2003+

Rhode Island

Taubman Center Opinion Polls 1985+

Brown University

South Carolina

South Carolina State Surveys 1989-2009

U. of South Carolina

Questionnaires, frequencies, and data

Winthrop Poll 2006+


MTSU Poll 2001+

Vanderbilt Poll 2011+


Texas Lyceum Poll 2007+

UT-Austin/Texas Tribune poll 2008+


Utah Voter Poll 2006+

Brigham Young University, Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy

Utah Colleges Exit Poll 1982+ (biennial)

Brigham Young University, Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy


Castleton (State College) Polling Institute 2012+

Vermonter Poll 1990+

University of Vermont


Hampton U. Center for Public Policy Poll 2013

Institute for Policy and Opinion Research 1994+

Roanoke College

UMW Survey 2013

U. of Mary Washington Center for Leadership and Media Studies

Results published on web and in PDF. No information about archiving.

Virginia Tech Center for Survey Research (CSR) Published projects

Includes summaries of the Annual Survey of Quality of Life in the Commonwealth of Virginia (1993-2004), available in hard copy, Starting with the twelth (2002-2003) "All data from these annual surveys are archived by the National Network of State Polls housed at the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill." [website]


The Washington Poll 2006+ 

University of Washington, Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality

Results published on the web, in Powerpoint, and PDF.

West Virginia

The West Virgina Poll 1980+

"Owned and operated by Repass & Partners, Inc., a marketing and opinion research firm." [website]

Data published in PDF from 2012+.


The Badger Poll (2002-2011)

U. of Wisconsin Survey Center. 

Marquette University Law School Poll 2012+

The Wisconsin Survey (1999-2017) (also via Internet Archive)

St. Norbert College Strategic Research Institute


UT-Austin/Texas Tribune


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