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Molecular Biology Senior Thesis Resources

This guide contains a list of links for tools and databases that students might find helpful for their senior thesis research

About this Research Guide

Hello!  The list of resources in this guide were identified by Molecular Biology Faculty and the Biology Librarian in support of your online research needs in the sciences.  The links are a mix of resources available freely online, and by subscription through the Princeton University Library.  If you have difficulties in accessing any of the items, or you have library research related questions, feel free to email me at any time.  For remote access to library subscribed services, follow the information linked here: off campus access.

The guide contains five tabs:

  • Tools - the links in this tab are for resources that focus on the tool aspect of scientific research, from visualization, image rendering, to browsing genomes
  • Databases- the links in this tab focus on specific data, ranging from statistical data, to molecular biology specific data
  • Data analysis and management- links to a variety of services run by the library in support of the realm of data
  • Literature searching- the links in this tab are for accessing the literature on the topic of the life sciences
  • Managing references- links to a few citation management resources supported by the Princeton University Library

If any of the links are broken, or if you would like to add anything to this guide, feel free to email suggestions.