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Foreign Language Economics and Business Dictionaries: Italian

Select foreign language economics and business dictionaries
(DR) HF1002.H66 1999 Business dictionary : English-Italian, Italian-English : legal matters, finance, economy, management, industry, marketing, advertising, photo, electronic production, printing, paper production
(DR) HG4513.B664 1995 Dictionnaire de l’investisseur en 6 langues : comprenant le dictionnaire principal, français-anglais-allemand, espagnol-italien-portugais et les cinq glossaires bilingues, anglais-français, allemand-français, espagnol-français, italien-français, portugais-français


(DR) HB61.C643 2001
Dizionario di economia, banca e borsa : inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese
(DR)HB61.L83 2001 Elsevier’s economics dictionary : in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German
(Firestone NonCirculating) and (RECAP) HG151.E47 1997 Elsevier’s dictionary of financial terms in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch