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Crime data and statistics

Guide to crime data and statistics

International Crime Data - General

European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

United Nations Surveys of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems
Collects data on the incidence of reported crime and the operations of criminal justice systems with a view to improving the analysis and dissemination of that information globally. Results provide an overview of trends and interrelationships between various parts of the criminal justice system to promote informed decision-making in administration, nationally and internationally. The surveys were started in 1977, covering 5-year intervals from 1970-1994. Starting in 1995 surveys cover 2 or 3 year intervals. Data may also be accessed through ICPSR.

International Crime Victimization Survey (ICVS) Series
Most far-reaching program of standardized sample surveys to look at a householders' experience with crime, policing, crime prevention, and feelings of insecurity in a large number of nations. It also allows for analysis of how risks of crime vary among different groups of populations across social and demographic lines. Also see the ICVS site which also includes the latest rounds. Sample Size: Generally, 1,000 - 2,000 households from each participating country

Wave 1 - 1989 - 14 countries
Wave 2 - 1992 - 12 countries
Wave 3 - 1996/1997 - 13 countries
Wave 4 - 2000/2001 - 16 countries
Wave 5 - 2004/2005 - 30 countries

Wave 6 - 2010/2018 - 13 countries

Some additional sources, often for specific nations, (including microdata sources) can be found on the Data and Statistical Services pages.