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Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin: A Research Guide: Pushkin's Works

A guide to Princeton's resources on Russia's greatest poet.

Collected Works, Annotated and Bilingual Editions, and Commentaries

Ее привозят и в Собранье.

Там теснота, волненье, жар...

Евгений Онегин VII: LI

Collected Works

Polnoe sobranie sochinenii.  Zav. red. V. D. Bonch-Bruevich.  L.: Izd-vo Akad. nauk SSSR, 1937-1959.  16 v.  (F) PG3340.A1 1937

First Soviet Academy of Sciences edition of  Pushkin's complete collected works, prepared for the centennial of his death.  Notes sections give brief information on each composition, as well as information on any translations of foreign-language works.  Some volumes include indices.  3rd edition of Pushkin's complete collected works (in 10 volumes) also in Firestone (call no. PG3340.A117 1962); volumes are smaller and notes are compressed.

Polnoe sobranie sochinenii: v odnom tome.  Podgotovlen M. A. Tsiavlovskim.  M.: Gos izd-vo khudozh. lit-ry, 1949.  (F) PG3340.A1 1949

Pushkin's collected works in one volume, including his creative, critical, and autobiographical works, but not his correspondence.  No notes or commentaries; there is a section of variant versions and editions.  An index is appended.

Polnoe sobranie sochinenii v dvadtsati tomakh.  Glav. red. N. N. Skatov.  SPb: Nauka, 1999-  Projected 20 v.  (F) PG3340.A1 1999

New edition of Pushkin's complete collected works issued under the imprimatur of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Each volume includes multiple commentaries, a section of variant versions of the works in the volume, textual notes, and indices.  Ongoing; Princeton owns v. 1- v. 2; kn. 1.

General Works

Pushkinskii kalendar'.  Otv. red. B. M. Volin.  M.: Ogiz; L.: Sotsekgiz, 1937.  (F) PG3350.A3 P8 1937

This anthology of Pushkin's work was compiled for the century of his death and is arranged as a calendar, with information given on what Pushkin is known to have done and written on each day during one of his years of life and excerpts from the appropriate compositions.  (No allowance is made for the change of calendar after the revolution, however.)  In Russian.

Chernyshev, V.  Skazki i legendy pushkinskikh mest: zapisi na mestakh, nabliudeniia i issledovaniia.  SPb: Nauka, 2004.  (F) PG3351.5 .C52 2004

Collection of legends, folk tales, and aphorisms from the countryside Pushkin knew best.  Includes an essay on how Pushkin related to and used the folk tale in his own works (particularly his own retelling of fairy tales), notes on the stories, and a glossary of regionalisms.  From the 'Literaturnye pamiatniki' series; facsimile reprint of a 1950 edition (original 1950 edition in ReCAP at GR190.C42).

Pushkin, A. S.  Stikhotvoreniia A. S. Pushkina.  Otv. red. IU. M. Lotman i S. A. Fomichev.  SPb: Nauka, 2007.  (F) PG3340 .S49 2007

Annotated edition of Pushkin's poetry.  From the 'Literaturnye pamiatniki' series.

Wachtel, Michael.  A commentary to Pushkin’s lyric poetry, 1826-1836.  Madison, Wisc.: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2011.  (F) PG3356 .W33 2011

Pushkin, A. S.  Dramy.  Sost. S.M. Bondi.  M. Russkii IAzyk, 1985.  (F) PG3340 .A19 1985

Annotated edition of Pushkin's plays, including a glossary of obsolete terms.  Intended for non-native speakers; all text in Russian.  Includes Boris Godunov, Skupoi rytsar', Motsart i Sal'eri, Kamennyi gost', Pir vo vremia chumy, Rusalka, and Stseny iz rytsarskikh vremen.

Борис Годунов = Boris Godunov

Pushkin, A. S.  Boris Godunov.  Ed. Louis Segal.  London: Sir I. Pitman and Sons, 1943.  (F) PG3347.B6 1943

Presents the Russian-language text of Pushkin's play (in modern orthography) with English-language notes and a Russian-English glossary of terms used in the play.  Notes, in addition to providing literary and cultural information, include a great deal of basic information on Russian grammar.  Patronizing tone of introductory note typifies time of publication.

Pushkin, Alexander.  Boris Godunov.  Tr. and ed. Philip L. Barbour.  Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1976.  (F) PG3347.B6 B3 1976

Includes the Russian-language text of Pushkin's play (in modern orthography) and an English translation by the editor, along with a brief introduction and English-language notes.  (References to notes are included in the English text only.)  Notes are more cultural and historical in character than the previous edition, and include a great deal of speculation and analysis by the author, as well as information on his choices in the translation.  The author includes in appendices and notes some material which Pushkin eliminated from later versions of the work- unfortunately, he includes it in English translation only.

Pushkin, A. S.  Boris Godunov: tragediia.  SPb: Akademicheskii proekt, 1996.  (F) PG3343.B6 1996

Presents the Russian-language text of Pushkin's play (in modern orthography), as well as a lengthy commentary and a glossary of obsolete and little-known words from the text.  Also includes, as appendices, excerpts from Karamzin's History of the Russian State that deal with the reign of Boris Godunov, Pushkin's own notes and correspondence that mention his play, and pieces by his contemporaries dealing with Boris Godunov.  All materials in Russian; some in old orthography.  One of a series, Russkaia klassika s kommentariiami.

Dunning, Chester, et al.  The uncensored Boris Godunov: the case for Pushkin's original Comedy, with annotated text and translation.  Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2006.  (F) PG3343.B64 D86 2006

Dunning, Chester, et al.  The uncensored Boris Godunov: the case for Pushkin's original Comedy, with annotated text and translation.  Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2006.

Presents the 1825 version of Pushkin's text (all the others use the 1831 revision), in Russian (modern orthography) and annotated, along with an English translation.  As with the Greenwood Press edition, the Russian and English are side by side for purposes of comparison.  Also includes essays on the original 1825 text and a multi-page bibliography in various languages.  As in the other editions of this work, translations are given in the notes of the French and German passages, although here, oddly, they are in broken English (even though as French and German they are correct).  This was the text used for the Princeton University production of the play.  PUL owns book in print and e-versions.

Vinokur, G. O.  Kommentarii k "Borisu Godunovu" A. S. Pushkina.  M.: Labirint, "Brandes," 1999.  (F) PG3343.B63 V55 1999

Includes the full text of Pushkin's text in Russian, together with certain cut scenes, proposed scenes, and variant scenes, and a commentary by Vinokur, as well as essays by Vinokur on the language of Boris Godunov and on the censorship suffered by the play.  Includes an introduction discussing Vinokur's edition of the play, as well as a name index for the commentary.  One volume of Vinokur's collected works.

Gorodetskii, B. P.  Tragediia A. S. Pushkina "Boris Godunov."  Kommentarii.  L.: Prosveshchenie, 1969.  (F) PG3343.B64 G676 1969

Commentary on Boris Godunov, presented together with critical and historical essays about Pushkin's play, its creation, and its reception and influence.  No indices; includes a bibliography of sources.  In Russian; all materials in the bibliography are in Russian.

Медный всадник = The Bronze Horseman

Pushkin, A. S.  Mednyi vsadnik.  Sost. P. K. Bogolepov.  M.: Russkii iazyk, 1980.  (F and RCPPA) PG3343.M4 1980

This book presents the full text of Pushkin's poem in Russian (modern orthography), with English glosses alongside the text to explain difficult words (a distinct bonus).  Generous appendices include illustrations for an edition of the poem done by Alexandre Benois, an illustrated English-language commentary on the poem (slight Soviet tinge), and a selection of Russian poems inspired by The Bronze Horseman (in Russian [modern orthography] with English glosses).  Includes a brief English-language introduction.

Pushkin, A. S.  Mednyi vsadnik = The bronze horseman.  Ed. Michael Basker.  London: Bristol Classical Press, 2007.  (F) PG3343.M4 2000

Includes the full text of Pushkin's poem in Russian (modern orthography), as well as a lengthy introduction, a bibliography of works on The Bronze Horseman in English and in Russian, and detailed notes on the poem (in English).  Appended is a Russian-English glossary of words used in the poem.  One of a series from this publisher.

Pushkin, A. S.  Mednyi vsadnik.  Izd. podgot. N. V. Izmailov.  L.: Nauka, 1978.  (F) PG3343.M4 1978

This edition, from the Literaturnye pamiatniki series, presents the full text of the poem in Russian (modern orthography), together with variant texts of the poem, literary works that influenced Pushkin's creation, and primary sources on the 1824 St. Petersburg flood that inspired the poem.  In addition, there are appended a critical essay by the editor and a bibliography of translations of The Bronze Horseman into foreign languages.  In Russian.

Евгений Онегин = Evgenii (or Eugene) Onegin

Pushkin, Alexander.  Eugene Onegin: a novel in verse.  Tr. and commentary by Vladimir Nabokov.  Rev. ed.  Princeton, N. J.: Princeton University Press, 1975.  (F) PG3347.E8 N3 1975

Nabokov spent, by his own account, well over a decade creating this translation of and commentary on Evgenii Onegin.  The first volume contains his multipartite introduction, his metrical and unrhymed interlinear translation of the work into English, and his translation of Pushkin's notes, as well as a glossary of some of his choices of calques; the second and third volumes compose a detailed commentary on the novel in verse, along with Nabokov's essays "Abram Gannibal" and "Notes on Prosody," while the fourth offers an index to the commentary and a facsimile of the 1837 third edition of Evgenii Onegin.  In English apart from the facsimile, with some examples given in romanized Russian.  Nabokov later parodied his own efforts in the novel Pale Fire: (F) PS3527.A15 P354 1962. 

Princeton owns also the first edition of this work ([F]) PG3343.E8 1963b) and the first UK edition, based on the revised US edition described above ([F] PG3347.E8 N3 1976), as well as the two essays from the commentary published separately ([F] PG2531.I3 N28 1964 and [RCPPA] PG2531.I3 N336 1964).

Lotman, Iu. M.  Roman A. S. Pushkina "Evgenii Onegin": kommentarii.  L.: Prosveshchenie, 1980.  (F) PG3343.E83 L67

One-volume commentary on Evgenii Onegin by the noted scholar and semioticist.  Includes an introduction with a chronology and bibliography, as well as a lengthy essay on the mores of the Russian gentry in Pushkin's time.  No indices.  In Russian; the bibliography in the introduction includes works in Russian and in English. 

This commentary is also available as part of a collection of Lotman's works on Pushkin: (F) PG3350.L68 1995.

Brodskii, N. L.  "Evgenii Onegin": roman A. S. Pushkina.  5. dop. izd., odgotov. A. A. Anikinym.  M.: Mul'tiratura, 2005.  (F) PG3343.E9 B7 2005

One-volume commentary on Evgenii Onegin by the well-known Soviet literary scholar, created for students.  Includes an introduction, a chronology of the novel, and a selection of quotations from Pushkin on its development.  No indices.  In Russian.

Other editions (content varies slightly):

First edition: (F) PG3343.E83 B763 1932

Third edition: (F) PG3343.E9 B7 1950

Fourth edition: (F) PG3343.E9 B7 1957