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Introductory information on patents and patent searching.

Patent and Trademark Depository Library

The U.S Patent and Trademark Office designates libraries across the country to receive and house patent and trademark materials. Patent and Trademark Deposit Libraries (PTDL) have librarians available to assist with searching and are open to the public. While Princeton is a Government Printing Office depository library, it is not a PTDL.

PTDL libraries in New Jersey.

More patent guides

Guides from other libraries with helpful information.

Books on Patent Searching in the library

If you would like more in depth information, the following library books provide detailed information about patent searching. Be sure to check the main catalog for availability.

Paid Patent Services

These services are generally used by corporations looking to scope out patent coverage (their own and those of their competitors) in great detail. Using these systems effectively involves more than simple keyword search strategies. Princeton University Library does not subscribe to these services.