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Art FAQ: Un-cataloged Holdings

Answers to Basic Information Questions at Marquand (Art) Library

Marquand holdings NOT LISTED in the catalog

Marquand Library has three collections of material, much of which are NOT CATALOGED thus not findable or easily findable in the library catalog:

1. Art Auction/Sales Catalogs
Currently, catalogs are organized by date and are housed in three places: Forrestal Annex (card file available for these), ReCAP (remote storage) and in locked shelving in Marquand (see spreadsheet on Marquand website). The Annex catalogs are from the 1820s-1990s for over 100 auction houses. There are many catalogs organized by house/city out at ReCAP for about half a dozen major auction houses (namely, Christie's and Sotheby's) and catalogs in Marquand proper--693 Alexander Rd. during Art Museum construction--include roughly the current year only and a few runs of other houses.  Holdings are not comprehensive. Book sales are held by Firestone (Special Collections). Use the database SCIPIO, a subset of WorldCat to determine who has a particular sales catalog that Princeton may not have. If in doubt, ASK us 

2. Single-Artist (small) Exhibition Catalogs (some ephemera included) organized by artist's name (see list of names on Marquand website).  Some catalogs by major artists have been cataloged in batches and ARE listed in the library catalog:  see Title: Exhibition Catalogs of FIRST NAME, LAST NAME in Main Catalog/SearchIt for these. 1930s-90s. This collection also includes named collections.

3. Exhibition and Dealer Catalogs organized by City, then Institution (group shows) (see list of cities on Marquand website).  1930s-90s.


E-mail with access questions for the above.