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Population Research

Resources for Population Research


The Ansley J. Coale Population Research Collection is housed at Stokes Library, on the lower level of Wallace Hall. Approximately 60% of the collection consists of censuses and vital statistics from around the world, dating back to the very late 1800's. Other areas of concentration include: reproductive health, fertility, mortality, marriages, divorces, migration, family planning policy, immigration and health statistics. The Coale collection supplements the general Social Science collection housed in Firestone Library and does not house any microdata. For census or other population microdata see the Library's Data & Statistical Services Collection.

Population Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Population (2 vols.). P. Demeny & G. McNicoll (eds.) New York : Macmillan Reference USA/Thomson-Gale, 2003. 

Demography : Analysis and Synthesis (4 vols). G.Caselli, J.Vallin, & G. Wunsch. Boston : Elsevier, 2006.  

Dictionary of Demography: Biographies. W. Petersen & R. Petersen. New York : Greenwood Press, 1985. 

Dictionary of Demography: Multilingual Glossary. W. Petersen & R. Petersen. New York: Greenwood Press, 1985.

Dictionary of Demography: Terms, concepts, and Institutions. W. Petersen & R. Petersen. New York: Greenwood Press, 1986.

Encyclopedia of Global Population and Demographics. I. Ness & J. CimentArmonk, NY : Sharpe, 1999.

Methods and Materials of Demography (2nd.ed). J. S. Siegel & D.A. Swanson. San Diego, CA : Elsevier Academic, 2004. 

A Concise History of World Population, 6th ed. M. Livi-Bacci. Hoboken : Wiley, 2017. 

PRB's Population Handbook, 6th ed. A. Haupt, T.T. Kane, C. Haub. Washington D.C.: Population Reference Bureau, 2011 .

Indigenous Peoples and Demography: The Complex Relation Between Identity and Statistics. P. Axelsson & P. Skold. New York: Berghahn, 2011.

How to Find Books

The following Subject headings are helpful for searching the Library Catalog:
(Country name) -- Census
(Country name) -- Statistics, Vital
Demographic surveys -- (country name)
(Country name) -- Population
(Continent/Country name) -- Population – History
(Specific groups*) – Population
Demography -- (Country name)
Demography -- Methodology
Family Demography
Marriage -- (country name) -- Statistics
Marriage age -- (country name) -- Statistics
Divorce -- (country name) -- Statistics
Mortality -- (country name) -- Statistics
Mortality -- (country name) -- Tables
Fertility, Human -- (country name) -- Statistics
Birth Intervals -- Statistics
Contraception -- Statistics
Birth control -- (country name)
Family planning -- (country name)
Reproductive health -- (country name)
Immigration and emigration -- (country name)
Undocumented immigrants -- (country name)
Noncitizens -- (country name)
Migration, Internal -- (country name)
Immigrants -- (country name) – Statistics
Rural population -- Statistics
Population forecasting -- (country name)
Population Research 
(Country name) -- Mathematical models
(Specific groups*) - Statistics
*For particular groups use the term for the group name (see below for some examples). Terms are provided by the Library of Congress.
African Americans
Asian Americans
Hispanic Americans
Indians of Central America
Indians of Mexico
Indians of North America
Indians of South America
Indigenous peoples
Also, Specific tribes – e.g. Mayas,
 Ethnic groups
Native Americans (see Indians of North America)