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History resources

Links to guides to history resources in the Princeton University Library, plus JP and senior thesis help for history majors.

Cliodynamics Datasets

According to the editors of the journal Cliodynamics, this subfield of history is "a transdisciplinary area of research integrating historical macrosociology, cultural and social evolution, economic history/cliometrics, mathematical modeling of long-term social processes, and the construction and analysis of historical databases."   The following datasets may be useful for researchers working in this field.

Seshat: Global History Databank: Database of social, political, and economic data across numerous societies

D-PLACE: Database of cultural practices and language use across numerous societies

CHIA: Collaborative for Historical Information and Analysis:  Database of economic, demographic, and other data

International Institute of Social History: Database of information about labor and economics

Clio-Infra: Database of measurements of economic performance, societal well-being, education, inequality, etc.