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SPIA Task Force (Fall 2023) - Avoiding Nuclear War with China and Russia

Findind Data Analysis Support

Princeton University Library offers several services to support students' and faculty data analysis work.

  • Stokes Viz Hub (SVH)  - A service that supports the interdisciplinary digital research and information visualization needs of the Princeton University community. The Stokes Viz Hub collaborates with experts from other departments to offer a series of qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as data visualization workshops. Consultation services are also available. 
  • Data and Statistical Services (DSS) - Consultants are available to provide expert advice to Princeton University student, faculty, and staff on choosing appropriate application of quantitative research methods, the interpretation of statistical analyses, data conversion, and data visualization. Subject specialists help choose appropriate data. Please check the DSS calendar for appointments schedule.
  • DSS Tutorials are based on FAQ and provide a good starting point when working on data analysis for your research project.