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Public Policy Resource Guide from Stokes Library: Data, Statistics, Graphs, and Maps

Take a deep breath

As I sit by my heater in my home office, it gives me time to reflect on what I'd like you to "hear" from me this semester.

Dear student,

You are being asked to decide between the quantitative and qualitative section.   Try to get beyond what you think sounds less intimidating and assess your seminar topic and your research question.  It will serve you best to make your decision based on whether the question you want to answer can best be answered with qualitative or quantitative methods (or a little of both).  Ofira and I are here to discuss this option with you.  Please don't opt for qualitative because you struggled with POL 345.  This is the semester to revisit R and get a better grasp on statistical methods.  We promise we are here to support you throughout.

Regardless of which section you take, the goal is to learn enough about research methods that you never take the results of research you read without some degree of skepticism.  This semester will help you learn about the challenges of doing research.  Every published study has had similar challenges.  Caveat Emptor.

Let us know how we can help.

Help locating and analyzing data

Data and Statistical Services 

Data & Statistical Services (links to data sets) 

Lab is located at A-12-G  A floor (map) in Firestone Library


Getting Started in Data Analysis using Stata and R

Exploring R @ Princeton


Stokes Library's Viz Hub

Stokes Library Viz Hub Consulting (contact with questions re VizHub)


The Map and Geospatial Information Center is located in the Lewis Library’s Fine Hall Wing. Maps and Geospatial Information 

Princeton Research in Experimental Social Science (PRESS) has several monthly meetings (including skill-building seminars) and possible research funding.



Locating Datasets


Data repositories

  • ICPSR: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
  • iPOLL databank (Roper)
  • IPUMS: Integrated Public Use Microdata Series
  • WRDS: Wharton Research Data Service

Locating Statistical Summaries

Statistical Abstract of the United States 1878+

Statistical Abstracts of the World 

For a select list of countries, contains recent yearbooks.  Tables are available in Excel format and have been converted to English.

International Economic Statistics 

Mapping Software

Learning about data

The Chicago guide to writing about numbers / Jane E. Miller. 

The Chicago guide to writing about multivariate analysis / Jane E. Miller 


Supplementary Websites & Study Guides for books by Jane E. Miller


Sage Research Methods Online including Empirical Research and Writing: A Political Science Student's Practical Guide by Powner


Sage online books on research methodology in social science 

Sage Reference Books Books are full digital versions of print text, as you would expect to find in an academic library. 

Handbooks provide comprehensive coverage of specific subjects, such as online research methods. 

Little Blue Books provide guidance and teaching for qualitative research methods

Little Green Books provide the same for quantitative research methods. These are in-depth guides on specific research methods. 

Major Works are volumes of curated book and journal content that address particular methods of research.