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SPIA JP Thesis fall2022

Writing support from SPIA Post-Docs

We have two SPIA Post-docs to help you with your writing, Dr. Maldonado and Dr. Rosas.  They can be reached at

Consistent use of a citation style

If your professor doesn't have a preference, I suggest you use the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition for your independent work.   The notes/bibliography style seems ideal.  I suggest using full citations followed by shortened citations for the same sources. URLs are listed once in the notes and again in the bibliography. This style has to be added to Zotero by clicking get additional styles when specifying your Zotero preferences.

I have detailed instructions on installing and using Zotero which offers this style as an add-in.  In addition, you can reach out to Audrey Welber.

Sample papers and citation examples

Sample JPs are available in the SPIA Undergraduate Program office (113 Robertson Hall).

The wonderful librarian at the Naval Postgraduate School has super useful examples of using Chicago 17th edition by source type.

Graduate student writing tutors (including some SPIA students) are located at

Princeton University Undergraduate Senior Theses, 1924-present Full text of recent theses. All others at Mudd Manuscript Library when it reopens.