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Literature and Data Sources in Economics -- Economics Seniors

Making appointments to find literature and/or data

  • Many questions can be answered via email so try email first and if an appointment is needed we can arrange one.
  • Please do not email multiple librarians separately.  If unsure who to contact feel free to include the 3 of us in one message.
  • Use your Princeton netid.
  • State what you are looking for and what you have done so far.

Bobray Bordelon
Economics, Finance, & Data Librarian

Charissa Jefferson

Labor Librarian

Data Lab

 If you already have identified the source of your data or statistics and you need help subsetting the data, preparing the data, or analyzing the data, consultants are available via Zoom or in person by appointment.   For quick questions email Drop in hours start after Fall Break and run through Dean's date.  Students in Economics also have access to Economics Statistical Services.