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Accessing Library Electronic Resources Off-Campus

Tools and recommended workflows for accessing electronic resources off-campus

Accessing Electronic Resources Off-Campus

Princeton University Library (PUL) recommends accessing electronic resources (databases, eBooks, eJournals, etc.) off-campus using the links found on the Library’s website, by searching the catalogArticles+the A-Z Resources ListResearch Guides, etc. These links are configured to provide Authorized Users with access even while off-campus. Users will be required to enter their University NetID and password to authenticate and gain access to electronic resources.

Additional Tools for Access

In addition to the access links found on PUL's website, the Library offers the following tools for access:

LibKey Nomad
LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that utilizes DOIs and PubMed IDs to identify and provide access to electronic resources based on your affiliation with Princeton University. You can learn more about LibKey Nomad, and download the browser extension, HERE.

Google Scholar
PUL uploads its electronic-resources holdings metadata to Google Scholar weekly (Sundays at 1:00am Eastern). To use Google Scholar to find PUL-provided electronic resources, set up a Google Scholar account and profile, and then associate your account with Princeton University Library. Instructions can be found below (labeled "Google Scholar Instructions").

OpenAthens / SSO (Single Sign-On)
PUL has established SSO authentication with a number of providers (see spreadsheet below labeled "SSO Providers"). To access electronic resources with SSO, look for an option on vendor platforms to log in via your institution, and search for "Princeton University". See the below document labeled "SSO Login Example" for an example.

SonicWall VPN

The SonicWall VPN is available to provide off-campus access to a few e-resources that are unavailable without a VPN (e.g. MBC Archive and SnapGene). If you encounter an e-resource description on the Library's website that notes SonicWall is required for off-campus access, you will need to install SonicWall to access it off-campus (instructions below). SonicWall is not required for on-campus access. 

If you have administrative access on your computer
Visit the SonicWall website and scroll down to the Connect Tunnel or Mobile Connect sections. Download the latest version of Connect Tunnel or Mobile Connect that matches your device type. SonicWall is available for Windows 32 and 64-bit, Linux TAR 32 and 64-bit, and macOS. Which version of Windows operating system am I running?.

NOTE: To install SonicWall on University-owned machines, you should contact your department's SCAD.

GlobalProtect VPN

The GlobalProtect VPN does not allow access to PUL electronic resources, except for data files hosted on local servers provided by Data and Statistical Services (DSS). GlobalProtect can be used to access DSS data files.