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Public Policy Methods Lab

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Register for Stokes Viz Hub "Introduction to Text Analysis"

In this 90-minute ONLINE session, we will examine how text analysis can help the social sciences, data sciences, and the humanities engage in research using a variety of methods.

We will discuss:

  • Why is text analysis useful for research today?

  • What is needed to get started with text analysis?

  • What methods to get stated with text analysis?

  • How long does it take to learn various text analysis methods?

Along the way, we will create a dataset using the Constellate Platform and consider what it may reveal.


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Registration is required.


Exploring Text Analysis for Research (VIDEO and Quickstart)

Helpful Constellate Documentation

Qualitative Data

Qualitative Data Repository (QDR) - is a dedicated archive for storing and sharing digital data (and accompanying documentation) generated or collected through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences and related disciplines.

Resources for Qualitative Data Analysis

Stokes Viz Hub offers data analysis workshops and qualitative (R and Stata) and quantitative data analysis consultations.

Self-Directed Learning Resources:

So you say you want to analyze newspapers?

  • Constellate

    Constellate is the text analytics service from ITHAKA (JSTOR and Portico). It is a platform for teaching, learning, and performing text analysis using archival repositories of scholarly and primary source content. This includes Chronicling America newspapers from the Library of Congress.

  • ProQuest TDM Studio

    ProQuest TDM (Text and Data Mining) Studio allows you to create and analyze datasets from ProQuest content. For more information, please email Joe Marciniak (Jm110@princeton.edu).  This includes access to Proquest Historical Newspapers