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Matching Data in Financial Databases: Home

Guide to matching data in major financial databases.

Matching Data in Financial Databases

If trying to match elements in CRSP, Compustat, IBES, or TAQ, WRDS has a matching feature. Type in the name, CUSIP, or ticker of the company and WRDS will find corresponding elements. Once in WRDS, click on Tools. To convert 6 digit CUSIPs to 8 digit CUSIPs and vice versa, see the Cusip FAQ. The following is a list of common elements in some of the most heavily used financial databases. WRDS provides SAS programs to match I/B/E/S to CRSP; CRSP to Optionmetrics; and TAQ to CRSP. Dealscan records can be linked to Compustat using the Roberts Dealscan-Compustat Linking Database.

Database Ticker (problemetic since tickers can be reused) CUSIP (6 digit is company level; 8 and 9 digit issue level) GVKEY (Compustat accession number) PERMNO (CRSP accession number) Read first
SDC - Mergers Yes 6 digit No No  
SDC - Global New Issues Yes 6 digit and 9 digit linked to issue No No  
CRSP Stocks Yes CUSIP=Latest 8 digit Cusip; NCUSIP=Historic (original ipo) No (Use CRSP/Compustat Merged Database) Yes; Main Identifier


CRSP & Compustat

Compustat Industrial Yes (SMBL) CUSIP = latest 9 Digit Cusip Yes; Main Identifier No (Use CRSP/Compustat Merged Database) CRSP & Compustat
Execucomp Yes 8 digit Yes; Main Identifier No (Use CRSP/Compustat Merged Database)  
CRSP/Compustat Merged Database Yes CUSIP = latest 9 Digit Cusip Yes Yes (NPERMNO)  
I/B/E/S Yes 8 digit CUSIP No No IBES & CRSP
NYSE TAQ Yes No No No  
Datastream Modified Ticker; U: for NYSE and AMEX; @ for Nasdaq; Dead stocks 6 digit codes No No No  
OptionMetrics Yes 8 digit No No  
Capital IQ Yes No Yes (reporting feature only) No  
MSCI ESD KLD Stats Yes 8 digit No No  


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