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Classical Text Editor

The Classical Text Editor allows scholars working on a critical edition, a text with commentary, or a translation to prepare a camera-ready copy or electronic publication.


Princeton University has an Institutional license for the Classical Text Editor (CTE) which allows current faculty and students to purchase a license at a reduced price ($79).

NOTE: After you complete the ordering process below, please email Joe Marciniak ( to obtain the general license number.

Ordering a License

Go to:

In the box labeled "Institutional Licenses," change the "0" to a "1" next to "Classical Text Editor Additional Institutional License $79."

Click "Order Now."

Select your payment method:

Supply your personal information (NOTE: You do not have to use your Princeton email address here):

IMPORTANT - Provide Princeton's existing License Number (SH200892), then click "complete order":


Installing the Software

Before using the license key, please make sure that you have downloaded and installed CTE version 10 from 

1. Exit the CTE software if it is open and running.

2. Run the basic license key executable on the machine with CTE installed. You can usually run the executable by double clicking its name. The executable will ask you to fill in your email address and submit.

3. After you have completed the process, a permanent license executable will be sent to the license manager who will then send it to you.

4. Once you receive the permanent license executable, please run it. You can usually run the executable by double clicking its name.  

5. Save the permanent license executable to a safe location. You may need it in the future if you need to reinstall the software.  

6. You are finished. If the license was installed correctly, you will not see the "Buy now" in the lower right corner when you open CTE.