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Using Stata in Adroit: A Step-by-Step Guide

This guide provides instruction to use Stata in Adroit

A Step-by-Step Guide

Using Stata in Adroit


To use any software available in Adroit, you need to request an account using the following link.

For more information on Adroit, visit:


Once you login to MyAdroit (, 

go to “Files” and click on  “Home Directory". You will see a page similar to the following image.

You need to upload your files first. Software in MyAdroit won’t read files on your hard drive. To upload your files, click the blue "Upload" icon above.


After uploading all necessary data files, go back to the “Dashboard” tab in your browser, go to “Interactive Apps”, and select the desired software: XStata (Stata), RStudio Server (R), Jupyter (Python), or MATLAB.

For using Stata, click on XStata. The following window will open, where you will have to do some setups.

- For the number of cores, start by selecting 2 that reproduce the computing capacity of your laptop.
- Estimate the number of hours you need for a session. If you want to process something that will take a long time, select longer hours and leave it running. The session will end when the time is over.
- When ready, click on “Launch”

- You will see the following page. 

-  Click on “Launch XStata ”. The following page will pop up. 


- Click on "Allow".

- Select "Use default config"


If you cannot see the menu and icons in the Stata window, try one of the following:
- Right-click on the tab “Stata/SE 16.1”, then click on Maximize.
- Press the Alt key while, at the same time, dragging the Stata screen down with the mouse.

Stata is now ready to use. You will see the following screen.


Saving a graph in Stata

Any graph you make needs to be saved as *.png so you can insert it in your document. See the following image.

Hover the cursor over the graph, right-click, and Click on Save as...

Graph will be saved in your Adroit home directory (go to the tab ‘File Explorer’ in your browser.)


STEP 6: Installing Stata add-ons

- Go to “My Interactive Sessions” tab in your browser.

- Click "Clusters", then "_Adroit Cluster Shell Access" (see the following image).

The following tab will pop up.

You have to type the following commands in the above window to install a Stata package "outreg2"

- First, type: "module load stata/16.1"

- Secondly, type: "stata"

- Thirdly, type: "ssc install outreg2". This command will install the outreg2 package in your Stata. 

The window with the typed commands (circled/underlined in orange) is as follows.

Keep in mind ...

- Once you finish your analysis, remember to download any graph or output you create to your laptop.
- Download is available in your home directory in your web browser's ‘File Explorer’ tab.
- If you do not see your files, click on the refresh icon next to /home/your_netid

More Help/Support

For any Adroit related questions, please get in touch with Research Computing at:

For any Stata related questions, please contact DSS at:

For additional help, go to:

Data Consultant

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Muhammad Al Amin
Firestone Library, A-12-F.1

Data Consultant

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Yufei Qin
Firestone Library, A.12F.2

Comments or Questions?

If you have questions or comments about this guide or method, please email