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Library Web Site Redesign Project: Project Overview

Library Web Site Redesign Project

The University Library has begun working on a project to redesign the top-most levels of the main Library web site in order to improve content, organization, design, and overall functionality. The redesign project will be guided by best practices in the field and is being fast-tracked, with a late-August rollout date set. Other parts of the web site, including those of specific departments and branch libraries, will be incorporated into the new redesign concept once the upper levels of the site have been completed.

The Library has contracted with OIT Web Development Services to create design templates, including major graphic identity elements, for use in the Drupal content management system. Library Web Developers Antonio Barrera and Kevin Reiss, with the support of their Systems colleagues, will build the new site and its various applications in such a way as to allow individual library staff and work units to easily create and update content directly.

A Redesign Team has been assembled to discuss and share overarching design and organization principles supporting the redesign work carried out by Antonio, Kevin, and OIT. The initial phase of the Redesign Team's charge, which runs from March 19 - April 30, will focus on:

  • articulating the purposes and functions of the site;
  • identifying target audiences and their needs;
  • examining model web sites from other institutions; 
  • determining functional requirements; and 
  • creating a multi-level site map that shows main content topic areas. 

Redesign Project Liaison Assignments

Members of the redesign team have been assigned special liaison relationships to various parts of the organization in order to ensure good communication flow throughout the redesign process. Library staff are encouraged to contact their assigned liaisons with questions or suggestions.

  • Elizabeth Bennett: Collection Development, Digital Initiatives (PUDL) Group
  • Hannah Bennett: Architecture, Marquand
  • Wayne Bivens-Tatum: East Asian, Mendel
  • Trevor Dawes: Technical Services, ReCAP
  • David Hollander: Data & Statistical Services, Documents
  • Anne Langley:  Lewis, Maps/GIS
  • Adriana Popescu: Engineering, PPPL
  • Sandra Rosenstock: Microforms, Stokes
  • Keith Gresham: RIS, RBSC, Systems, University Librarian & Deputy University, Finance & Administration

Project Staff

Redesign Team (Phase I):

    • Elizabeth Bennett
    • Hannah Bennett
    • Wayne Bivens-Tatum
    • Trevor Dawes
    • David Hollander
    • Anne Langley
    • Adriana Popescu
    • Sandra Rosenstock
    • Keith Gresham (team leader)

Library Web Developers:

    • Antonio Barrera
    • Kevin Reiss

Scheduled Meetings

Thursday, March 22 (kick-off workshop)

Friday, March 30

Friday, April 6

Friday, April 13

Friday, April 20

Friday, April 27