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U.S. Government Documents: Census Surveys

Census Surveys

Current Population Survey
Since the Census is such a vital source of information on many aspects of the national life of the U.S., and it is only taken once each decade, it is important to have good estimations of larger population trends on the "in-between" or non-census years. The Current Population Survey, taken in May and October, with some other data collection points during each year, provides data to make projections of data gathered in the Census. For detailed information and assistance with using the data, please consult the Data and Statistical Services web page
to make an appointment with the Data Librarian or a Data Consultant.

Current Population Reports
This report is published in various series and has offered the Current Population Survey data in summary form for a number of years.The print reports are available in Firestone Library. Many are also available online from the Census Bureau's website.
Raw data is available at Princeton through Data and Statistical Services.

Depository Info

The general public is welcome to use depository materials free of charge. For access information and hours, please consult the the online hours (choose "Firestone Library - Depository Access" from the drop down menu), Access Information Page, and the Firestone Access Office

PLEASE NOTE:  While the general public is welcome to use depository materials free of charge, many of our U.S. Government resources, including many of the resources listed in this research guide, are not depository materials and may only be used by Princeton University students, faculty, and staff.  This includes most of the electronic resources such as Proquest Congressional and Hein Online.

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