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SPI401F_Ending Wars, Building Peace_Barton

Peace-building, Rick Barton

A well-researched paper probably involves all of these

Books (see below)

News Sources 

If interested, you can sign up for Conflict and security analysis newsletter through Armed Conflict Survey.

Politico Pro You can sign up for the morning Defense newsletter.  If something looks interesting, access the content via the Politico Pro link...

Meet with me (appts available 9/11) and/or Politics Librarian and/or Subject Area Specialist PU Library has specialists in China, Korea, Japan, Latin America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Near East, Slavic countries (including Russia and Former USSR).

Politics Databases (see a selection below) and UN databases

Congressional Research Service Reports

And you'll love this or hate

Library Catalog Subject Headings

Explore any of these that are of interest. 

Remember to

Sort by date, if desired. 

Limit to "Online", if needed.

Combine with keywords or names of countries or key actors.