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Princetoniana Collection: Religious Life and the Chapel

A guide to the Princetoniana Collection; a set of books, periodicals, and other printed sources pertaining to Princeton University history at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

Category Description

The Religious Life and Chapel category encompasses P Collection items which relate to the various chapels that have been on the campus of Princeton University, as well as the campus religious life which revolves around them. 

Collection Items

Chapel and Religious Life
P36.114 to P36.738

This varied set of works includes early memorial services (dating to the days of the Marquand Chapel), books documenting various decorative and tributary aspects of the chapel, a set of hymnals, and the copy of the bible which was apparently used in the old chapel under the administration of McCosh. By far the bulk of the books here are the bound Chapel services, dating from 1965-2006. Another set of chapel services predates this set can be found in the oversized section. The chapel services contain the musical selections, programs, and speakers for major services throughout the year, such as opening exercises and Easter. Some memorial services are also included.

The Daily Princetonian
Post-1885 issues of the Daily Princetonian on microfilm.

These are the early bound issues of the Daily Princetonian, generally encompassing the period when the paper was only issued once every two weeks. Bound and in fragile condition, the paper is digest sized and bound, as opposed to the larger newsprint edition with which modern students are familiar. Notably, these early issues also include the contributions of Woodrow Wilson 1879, who was one of the paper’s first editors. Topics covered in the early Princetonian are analogous to those which continue to dominate the pages: sports, campus events, and student life. Absent however from this early publication are the associated press dispatches and world news articles which the Princetonian began to feature in 1910.

Societies and Fraternities
P71.752 to P76.993

This section contains works related to societies and fraternities which have existed (or in some cases which still exist) at the University. Typical works include Beam’s history of the American Whig Society, and the Proceedings and Addresses of the Cliosophic Society. Some lesser known clubs are also represented in works such as The Book of the Tuesday Evening Club. There are also several items of an unrelated nature, such as “Prayers of the Princeton University Chapel” and “Constitution of the University Dining Halls.” Also prominent in this section are the yearbooks and quarterly magazine of the Chi Phi fraternity, which had a chapter at Princeton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Princeton Weekly Bulletin
P29.737.12, Oversize P11.73.2f

The Princeton Weekly Bulletin is a weekly events listing for the Princeton campus. Included are details on upcoming lectures and speaking engagements, weekly chapel services, and other happenings. Modern issues of the PWB adopt a more expanded format which features color photographs and which is somewhat more narrowly directed towards University staff.