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Princetoniana Collection: Libraries

A guide to the Princetoniana Collection; a set of books, periodicals, and other printed sources pertaining to Princeton University history at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

Category Description

The Libraries category consists of works related in some way to Princeton University's library system. Included in this category are library handbooks and guides, staff newsletters, and catalogs of varying types. Particularly common throughout the "University Library" section are catalogs of specific collections held by the library. The Library Chronicle is a journal issued by the Friends of the Library which frequently discusses highlights from the collections of the Department of Special Collections.

Collection Items

University Library
Call Nos. P51.177 to P52.739

One of the largest divisions of the P Collection, everything in this section relates to the University Library and its collections. Included are numerous catalogs, lists of holdings, and published works on specific collections such as the Garrett Collection of Manuscripts. Several running publications such as the Princeton University Library Chronicle are also found here. These are described in further detail below.

The Green Pyne Leaf

The Green Pyne Leaf was a staff newsletter printed every other month by the Princeton University Library Staff Association. It primarily documented staff activity within the growing library system, including hirings and retirements, staff activities, announcements, etc. Staff would also frequently contribute articles on library topics of special interest to them and their work. A similar, though more succinct and utilitarian item is the Princeton University Library Bulletin (P51.741) printed weekly from 1949-1985.

The Princeton University Library Chronicle
1939-Present, also Biblia (P51.177) 1930, 1938

The Princeton University Library Chronicle is a quarterly journal issued three times a year by the Friends of the Princeton Library which contains articles designed to highlight the library’s collections as well as to document the history of the library. Contributors to the Chronicle frequently include University faculty and library curatorial staff. In each issue a section on Library Notes details new acquisitions, upcoming events, and other ongoing library activity.

Library Handbook

The Library Handbook is a publication directed towards undergraduate students and visitors to the library. Containing information on library access, how to identify and locate books, and other basic policies, the Handbook is designed to facilitate use of the library. Earlier editions are in the form of pamphlets only a few pages in length, however as the library system grows in its complexity the Handbook becomes more densely packed with information and maps.