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Princetoniana Collection: Graduate School

A guide to the Princetoniana Collection; a set of books, periodicals, and other printed sources pertaining to Princeton University history at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

Category Description

The Graduate School category contains books and other published works which pertain to all aspects of the Graduate School at Princeton University. The Graduate School Announcement is the only volume dedicated solely to the Graduate School, and like its undergraduate counterpart is useful in tracing the academic development of the curriculum as well as faculy and administration. Lists of students of the Graduate School can be found in the Announcement, and those who have obtained degrees in any given year are listed in Commencement Programs. Works in the "Student Life and Customs" group primarily relate to what is known as the Graduate College, referring to the buildings which house the Graduate School.

Collection Items

Commencement Programs
1748, 1948-2008

The Commencement Programs are documents distributed each year to participants and guests at the annual commencement of Princeton University. They serve to outline the commencement program and include lists of degree recipients (undergraduate, graduate, and honorary) as well as a list of speakers, lyrics to songs sung at the ceremony, and prizes awarded. The commencement programs lack the text of any speech given at commencement, however in later years they include the full citations which accompany the awarding of honorary degrees. Duplicate copies of the Commencement Programs and supporting materials can be found in the Commencement Records.

Graduate School Announcement
Call no. P13.73.2

The Graduate School Announcement is a yearly publication which is analogous to the Undergraduate Announcement in its contents, however pertaining to the academic requirements, facilities, and regulations of the graduate college.


The Register is a yearly volume which contains a directory of trustees, officers, and faculty and professional staffs of the University. The Register also lists endowed professorships and preceptorships, faculty and trustee committees, advisory councils, and academic and administrative offices.

University: A Princeton Magazine

University was a quarterly magazine primarily focused on the state of education at Princeton. In contrast to its close relative, PAW, the intended audience of University was alumni of the Graduate School, parents of undergraduates, and other non-alumni friends. After 1977 the magazine switched formats and was comprised of reprints from earlier issues of PAW. Starting around the mid-70s until it dissolved the magazine was published biannually.

Student Life and Customs
P68.502 to P71.66

This is a set of books, pamphlets, and other ephemera which is produced by or aimed towards the students of Princeton, primarily in the early years of the 20th century. Roughly half of the works (P68.502 to P68.896) pertain to the Graduate School and related topics. Included are notices of the opening of the Graduate College, pamphlets on the Quad system, and other bulletins released by the Committee on the Graduate School. The other materials here are more focused on undergraduate life, and include works such as B.H. Hall’s 1851 College Words and Customs (P70.427), possibly the first written etymology of the term “campus.” Also in this section is The Dink, a 1930s freshman newspaper, and its mid 19th century predecessor Memorabilia Sophomorum. Other items of interest include A Gem from Nassau’s Casket, an 1840s student literary publication, and The Log, newsletter of the NROTC program.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Founded in 1900, the Princeton Alumni Weekly (often simply referred to as PAW) is a magazine published and printed by Princeton University Press. Issued weekly until 1977 and biweekly thereafter, PAW is targeted to alumni and other members of the Princeton University community, and contains articles about current campus events as well as feature articles of a more general nature (but always related to Princeton and its alumni). PAW also contains two long-running features: The "Class Notes" section, in which alumni are encouraged to submit brief updates on their lives; and the "Memorials" section, in which an obituary is printed for any Princeton alumni that have passed on. Both of these sections are valuable resources when compiling genealogical data on alumni.


The Princeton Alumni Weekly Memorial Index, 1894-2011 provides obituaries of alumni, faculty, and honorary class members from 1894, April to 2011, July. 

Digitized issues from 2006-present are available to view on the Princeton Alumni Weekly website. 

Princeton Weekly Bulletin
P29.737.12, Oversize P11.73.2f

The Princeton Weekly Bulletin is a weekly events listing for the Princeton campus. Included are details on upcoming lectures and speaking engagements, weekly chapel services, and other happenings. Modern issues of the PWB adopt a more expanded format which features color photographs and which is somewhat more narrowly directed towards University staff.