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Princetoniana Collection: Centers, Institutes, and Research

A guide to the Princetoniana Collection; a set of books, periodicals, and other printed sources pertaining to Princeton University history at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

Category Description

The Centers, Institutes, and Research category contains volumes which relate to or have been produced as a product of research at Princeton University. These volumes are quite diverse in the topics they cover, however it worth noting that a significant portion of the category documents research in the field of world economics and was produced under the auspices of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

Collection Items

Contributions from Biological Laboratories

Contributions from Biological Laboratories is a scientific journal, published sporadically and on varying topics. Also in this area are some similar science/engineering titles such as Princeton Lectures (3 vols), Bulletin of the Bird Club of Princeton University, the Princeton Engineer, and the Princeton Junior High School Science Project.

University Research Board Reports
1963 - 1987

This is an annual report of the director of the University Research Board documenting yearly progress/projects. The University Research Board is the entity responsible for oversight of all University research projects, particularly those in the science fields. These reports can also be found in the University Research Board records.

Annual Report of the President

The Annual Report of the President is issued at the close of the academic year, and up until 1924 it was published in conjunction with the Annual Report of the Treasurer (P28.8). The report provides a yearly analysis of the status of the University in terms of departmental changes, new administrators, notable gifts, building projects, etc. Early versions of the report simply provide a basic narrative but around the 1960s it begins to take on a more topical approach. By the 1970s the report is akin to a "state of the University" address focusing on one specific issue or theme. Note that there are also some special or supplemental reports, such as the one produced in 1967 covering the entire decade 1957-1967.

The report is also included as part of the Official Register each year (P11.73) and some of the volumes are labeled “Official Register” on the spine.

Call Nos. P44.116 to P44.971
Also P603.737 to P607.958

This group consists entirely of transcripts and programs for a number of notable lecture series held by Princeton. Included are the Cyrus Fogg Brackett lectures, the Sesquicentennial Lectures, the Alumni Lectures, the Princeton University Conference, the Princeton University Symposium, the Vanuxem Lectures, the Stafford Little Lectures, the Special Program in American Civilization, and several other more sporadic lecture series. While it does not seem that every single lecture within any particular series is represented, most of the major names are present (ie. G. Cleveland and T. Roosevelt within the Stafford Little series) and in some cases (Stafford Little, Vanuxem, and Sesquicentennial) the lectures are bound as a series by Scribner’s or P.U. Press.

Expeditions and Museums
P55.122.2 to P56.737

Reports and catalogues of the several of the University’s archaeological expeditions to the middle east can be found here, as can reports and other issuances of several museums on campus, most of which are no longer in existence. These include the Epigraphical Museum and the E.M. Museum of Geology and Archaeology. Also in this section are several works relating to activities of the Astronomical Observatory.

Center of International Studies
P611.219 to P612.872

Publications issued by or regarding the Center of International Studies or its forebear, the Center for Research on World Political Institutions. The published works consist of research papers on topics relevant to the focus of the Center. There are three large numbered series of papers, these being: Research Memoranda, Research Monographs, and World Order Studies Program Occasional Papers. There are also some standalone volumes.

Research Papers and Departmental Publications

John M. Olin Program for the Study of Economic Organization and Public Policy Discussion Papers

77 numbered papers

Financial Research Center Research Memorandum

133 numbered papers

Econometric Research Program

27 research papers, 363 research memorandum, and 4 “Forecasts from the Fair Model”

Industrial Relations Section

123 numbered research reports and several volumes of “Selected References”

International Finance Section
P619.737.2 to P619.985

225 numbered “Essays in International Finance,” 86 “Princeton Studies in International Finance,” 29 “Reprints in International Finance,” 20 “Special Papers in International Economics,” and “Working Papers in International Economics” from 1972 to 1995.

Near Eastern Studies
P638.731 to P638.735.2

35 numbered “Near East Papers” and two memoranda.

Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
P65.986 to P655.738

P66.275 to P675.737.2

This section consists of several papers and publications issued by various departments including the Department of Geology's newsletter The Smilodon (P66.728) and the Bureau of Urban Research “Urban Reference” (P675.737.2)