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Princetoniana Collection: Calendars

A guide to the Princetoniana Collection; a set of books, periodicals, and other printed sources pertaining to Princeton University history at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

Category Description

The Calendars category contains works which in some way document Princeton University's yearly academic calendar. Occasionally in the course of researching a particular event in the history of Princeton, the ability to recreate the academic calendar at the time becomes invaluable. While some of these works such as the Official Register actually contain a listing of the important dates encompassed by academic calendar, others such as the Princeton Weekly Bulletin are more of a general events listing.

Collection Items

Official Register
Call no. P11.73

The Official Register is a compiled volume which, in most years, contains the Catalogue, the Undergraduate Announcement, the Graduate Announcement, Annual Reports of the President and Treasurer, separate announcements for each department and school, a general descriptive booklet, and Freshman Entrance Examination papers. Several of these sections, such as the Catalogue and the Undergraduate Announcement and Graduate Announcement are available separately.

Undergraduate Announcement
Call no. P11.737.7

The Undergraduate Announcement is an annual publication which serves to inform the undergraduate student body, including prospective undergraduates, of the terms of admission, the system of undergraduate study, the requirements for graduation, and the expenses associated with student life such as tuition and room rental. The Announcement is very similar in its content to portions of the Undergraduate Catalog and the General Catalogue.

Undergraduate Catalog
Call no. P13.73

The Catalogue is an annual volume which contains chapters describing the University administration, departments and courses, terms of admission, rules and regulations, and other information relevant to student life. It also contains a directory listing of officers and students of the University. With the exception of the directory most of this information is replicated in the Undergraduate Announcement, however in general the Catalogue is more expansive and contains several sections which the Announcement does not.

Graduate School Announcement
Call no. P13.73.2

The Graduate School Announcement is a yearly publication which is analogous to the Undergraduate Announcement in its contents, however pertaining to the academic requirements, facilities, and regulations of the graduate college.

General Catalogue
Call no. P13.73.3

The General Catalogue is the successor to the earlier (Undergraduate) Catalogue. It is essentially identical to that publication in the information it contains. The notable exception is that the General Catalogue lacks the student directory which is found in the Catalogue. This annually published title is not to be confused with the similarly titled General Catalogue, 1746-1906 which is a historical directory of alumni and faculty. The General Catalogue ceased publication in 1976, however all of the information it contained can be found in the Register and the Undergraduate Announcement.

Chapel and Religious Life
P36.114 to P36.738

This varied set of works includes early memorial services (dating to the days of the Marquand Chapel), books documenting various decorative and tributary aspects of the chapel, a set of hymnals, and the copy of the bible which was apparently used in the old chapel under the administration of McCosh. By far the bulk of the books here are the bound Chapel services, dating from 1965-2006. Another set of chapel services predates this set can be found in the oversized section. The chapel services contain the musical selections, programs, and speakers for major services throughout the year, such as opening exercises and Easter. Some memorial services are also included.

P78.68 to P781.737

A modest selection of books and pamphlets regarding athletics at Princeton, including the intercollegiate athletic calendar (1899-1908) and several football programs, including the 1893 thanksgiving football game. Also in this section are the constitution and by-laws of the Athletic Association as well as several pamphlets which deal with highly specific topics such as the use of athletic insignia, and the University’s policy regarding athletic injuries.

Princeton Weekly Bulletin
P29.737.12, Oversize P11.73.2f

The Princeton Weekly Bulletin is a weekly events listing for the Princeton campus. Included are details on upcoming lectures and speaking engagements, weekly chapel services, and other happenings. Modern issues of the PWB adopt a more expanded format which features color photographs and which is somewhat more narrowly directed towards University staff.