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Princetoniana Collection: Awards

A guide to the Princetoniana Collection; a set of books, periodicals, and other printed sources pertaining to Princeton University history at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

Category Description

The Awards category contains materials which in some way relate to various awards given at Princeton. The single most comprehensive volume in this category is Academic Honors at Princeton which details the history (including past winners) of the many awards and prizes given to Princeton students for academic achievement. Also in this category are commencement programs, which serve to identify award winners at commencement as well as the recipients of honorary degrees.

Collection Items

Commencement Programs
1748, 1948-2008

The Commencement Programs are documents distributed each year to participants and guests at the annual commencement of Princeton University. They serve to outline the commencement program and include lists of degree recipients (undergraduate, graduate, and honorary) as well as a list of speakers, lyrics to songs sung at the ceremony, and prizes awarded. The commencement programs lack the text of any speech given at commencement, however in later years they include the full citations which accompany the awarding of honorary degrees. Duplicate copies of the Commencement Programs and supporting materials can be found in the Commencement Records.

Official Register
Call no. P11.73

The Official Register is a compiled volume which, in most years, contains the Catalogue, the Undergraduate Announcement, the Graduate Announcement, Annual Reports of the President and Treasurer, separate announcements for each department and school, a general descriptive booklet, and Freshman Entrance Examination papers. Several of these sections, such as the Catalogue and the Undergraduate Announcement and Graduate Announcement are available separately.

Undergraduate Announcement
Call no. P11.737.7

The Undergraduate Announcement is an annual publication which serves to inform the undergraduate student body, including prospective undergraduates, of the terms of admission, the system of undergraduate study, the requirements for graduation, and the expenses associated with student life such as tuition and room rental. The Announcement is very similar in its content to portions of the Undergraduate Catalog and the General Catalogue.

Undergraduate Catalog
Call no. P13.73

The Catalogue is an annual volume which contains chapters describing the University administration, departments and courses, terms of admission, rules and regulations, and other information relevant to student life. It also contains a directory listing of officers and students of the University. With the exception of the directory most of this information is replicated in the Undergraduate Announcement, however in general the Catalogue is more expansive and contains several sections which the Announcement does not.

Academic Honors and Regulations
Call Nos. P45.7377 to P49.316

This very small group of books and pamphlets is related to academic requirements, grading, and academic awards. One important item here is Academic Honors at Princeton University (P47.975), an exhaustively book which breaks down the honors given in that time, and lists recipients by year. Several pamphlets pertaining to the Honor System can also be found here.