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* Music Research & Reference Guides Dashboard: Quick Links by Subject

Use this dashboard arranged by broad musical subject areas to discover and access important information on specific topics in all aspects of musical study and research.

Welcome to this topically arranged dashboard with quick links to specific, subject-focused research and reference guides in all aspects of music.

Mendel Music Librarian

Profile Photo
Darwin Scott
Arthur Mendel Music Library
The Woolworth Center of Musical Studies
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1007
609 258-4251

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Please Note:

You will find many basic resources and those covering multiple topics repeated in the specialized guides as appropriate. In most cases, we have amended the description to briefly summarize how the cited resource (or parts from it) refer to the specialized topic at hand. For example, how RISM handles subject access to the topic (rather than just a general description of RISM) or links that point to relevant specific articles in encyclopedic resources covering many topics in music (such as Oxford Music Online).