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PUL Makerspace Equipment

Information about equipment available in the PUL Makerspace, how to get started, software to use, and links for project ideas.

Access and Use

The PUL Makerspace CNC mill is free to Princeton University students, faculty, and staff.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Schedule an appointment with a Makerspace Student Consultant.

Step 2. Prepare for your appointment.

  • Find or create a 2D, 3D, or PCB model. You can create your own models using programs like Tinkercad or Rhino, or you can use an existing model from from ThingiverseOrCAD (free for students), and even Etsy.
  • Determine materials needed. We provide urethane foam and blank bronze PCBs for free, or you can bring your own material as long as it's pre-approved by a trained Makerspace employee.

Step 3. Meet with your consultant in the Makerspace to complete your project. At this time, only trained Makerspace employees may operate the CNC machine.

Desktop CNC Mill

Roland SRM-20

  • Maximum axes operation: 8" (X) by 6" (Y) by 2.28" (Z)
  • G-Code compatible
  • User Manual