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Finding and using financial data at Princeton University

Corporate Governance

BoardEx Extensive data on the boards of publicly listed & notable private companies in all regions of the world. Available through WRDS.**
MSCI GMI Ratings Annual historical data for each proxy year beginning in 2001. Includes: corporate board structure & independence , director positions & committee assignments, executive & director compensation, audit fees, corporate ownership, & takeover defenses. Includes over 2,100 U.S. companies and over 38,000 directors. Formerly known as Board Analyst. Available through WRDS.**
ISS Riskmetrics. Governance and Directors Data

(formerly Investor Responsibility Research Center). Includes provisions for delays, protection, voting, antigreenmail, pension parachutes, poison pills, silver parachutes, & state laws. Governance data is 1990+ and based on the print publication Corporate takeover defenses (HD2746.5.C6745). Directors data includes information on the characteristics of Boards of Directors for 1996+.   Coverage for both datasets is S&P1500 members.  In addition, Princeton has data for U.S. Russell 3000 companies & select major global companies.  Directors data is for 2008-2015 & corporate takeover defense data for 2011-2015.

Available through WRDS.** 
MSCI ESG KLD Stats Leading authority on socially conscious investment research. 1991+. Includes company rankings on investment involving social issues regarding the environment, gay and lesbian policies, community, charitable giving, corporate governance, diversity, employee relations, human rights issues in specific nations, products, alcohol, firearms, gambling, military involvement, and tobacco. For the constituents of the DS400 (inception through November 7, 2008) see the DSS page Available through WRDS**. 
RepRisk ESG
2007+.  Data on public companies, from all countries and sectors. Project-level data including mines, pipelines, factories, etc. Unique perspective on company performance and risk exposure – based on media, stakeholders, and 3rd party sources in 15 languages for environmental, social, and governance issues. Environmental issues include global pollution (including climate change and GHG emissions), impacts on ecosystems/landscapes, local pollution, overuse and wasting of resources, products (health and environmental issues), and waste issues.  Labor issues include child labor, discrimination in employment, executive compensation issues, forced labor, freedom of association and collective bargaining, and poor employment conditions.  Other social issues include animal mistreatment, controversial products and services, human rights abuses and corporate complicity, impacts on communities, local participation issues, social discrimination, violation of international standards, and violation of national standards.  Governance issues anti-competitive practices, corruption, bribery, extortion and money laundering, fraud, misleading communication, and tax evasion. 
Available through WRDS**. 
CSMAR Corporate Governance* Provides profiles, annual emolument and number of share holdings of managerial staffs of China listed companies, changes of equity structure, changes of board chairman and general manager of listed companies and shareholders’ meetings of listed companies, as well as executive equity incentives of listed companies. 1999+. Online.

Corporate News Analysis

RavenPack News Analytics*

Analyzes unstructured content to extract information on named entities & financially relevant events.  Covers both equities & global macroeconomics. 

Dow Jones editions analyze relevant information from Dow Jones Newswires, regional editions of the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, & MarketWatch.

Web Edition processes hundreds of thousands of articles a day from leading publishers & web aggregators. Over 19,000 sources are continuously monitored including industry and business publishers, national & local news, blog sites, government & regulatory updates.

PR Edition analyzes news & information from the leading global media organizations. More than 100,000 press releases & regulatory disclosures are processed daily from a variety of news wires & press release distribution networks, including exclusive content from PRNewswire, Canadian News Wire, LSE Regulatory News Service, & others.

Can filter by PRODUCT_KEY 
DJ-EQ Dow Jones Edition - Equities 2000+
PR-EQ PR Edition - Equities 2004+
WE-EQ Web Edition - Equities 2007+
DJ-GM Dow Jones Edition - Global Macro 2000+
PR-GM PR Edition - Global Macro 2004+
WE-GM Web Edition - Global Macro 2007+
Available through WRDS**. 



*Must be used for academic purposes only, that is, to support the teaching and research of Princeton University.
** WRDS requires user to validate through password (undergraduates request a research assistant account and list your adviser as your faculty member). Must be used for academic purposes only, that is, to support the teaching and research of Princeton University.

Also consult the FAQ.

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