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East Asian Studies Research Guides: Korean

Lists of resources in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean studies.

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Unannotated Bibliographies

For material in Western languages, see the

mentioned in the general guide, and also the

available under that title from the Library Web site, under Articles & Databases. You may first have to download special software, as instructed. Internet Explorer is required.

Annotated Bibliographies and Research Guides

An introduction to English language material is

But most material is in non-Western languages (Korean and Japanese).

For an early English guide to that material see the

Extensive English notes on some 150 traditional Korean sources can be found in

An up-to-date guide on reference material in any Korea-related subject, with notes in English, is

Current Periodical Indexes

A large scale index to books and articles on Korean historical subjects written in all languages covering the period from 1945 to 1995 is

Subject Guide