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John Foster Dulles Collections at the Mudd Manuscript Library: Home

John Foster Dulles Collections at the Mudd Manuscript Library

John Foster Dulles during his tenure as President Eisenhower's Secretary of State. From John Foster Dulles Papers


John Foster Dulles (1888-1959) was the fifty-third Secretary of State of the United States and served during Dwight D. Eisenhower's presidency. Dulles had a long and distinguished public career during which he made a significant impact upon the formulation of United States foreign policies. He was especially involved with efforts to establish world peace after World War I, the role of the United States in world governance, and Cold War relations between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The collections that comprise the Mudd Library's holdings on John Foster Dulles document his career and influence on formation of U.S. foreign policy. Most significantly, Mudd's collections detail Dulles's tenure as Secretary of State (1953-1959), but also his participation at conferences and on committees including the Hague Conference of 1907, the American Commission to Negotiate Peace (1918-1919), the United Nations General Assembly, and Japanese Peace Treaty negotiations. His career at Sullivan and Cromwell, term as Interim U.S. Senator from New York, and work on the Commission to Study the Basis of  Just and Durable Peace of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America are also documented.

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The Mudd Library is the principal repository for the Princeton University Library's Public Policy Papers, which include important collections representing individuals and organizations in the areas of 20th-century American foreign policy, jurisprudence, journalism, public policy formation, and international development.

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