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Course-specific Public Policy Resource Guide for Juniors _ Spring 2021

Locate your class on the navigation on the left and/or go Public Policy Guide from Stokes Library _ Spring 2021 for additional sources and info on using the library during Covid-19.

Learning about data

The Chicago guide to writing about numbers / Jane E. Miller available online at

The Chicago guide to writing about multivariate analysis / Jane E. Miller available online at

Supplementary Websites & Study Guides for books by Jane E. Miller


Sage Research Methods Online including Empirical Research and Writing: A Political Science Student's Practical Guide by Powner

Data feminism by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein


Sage online books on research methodology in social science 

Sage Reference Books Books are full digital versions of print text, as you would expect to find in an academic library. 

Handbooks provide comprehensive coverage of specific subjects, such as online research methods. 

Little Blue Books provide guidance and teaching for qualitative research methods

Little Green Books provide the same for quantitative research methods. These are in-depth guides on specific research methods. 

Major Works are volumes of curated book and journal content that address particular methods of research.