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Black Art

Guide to resources related to African-American and Black Diaspora art and artists c. 1800s to the present

Citation for art history

1. Consult the Princeton Dept. of Art & Archaeology's Department Style Sheet .

2. See the CAA Publications Style Guide (College Art Association).

3. Style Manual for Art History (Chicago Manual examples), from Lee Sorensen, Visual Studies Librarian at Duke University.

Citing Social Media

The Chicago Manual of Style does a good job of providing examples of citing different kinds of social media platforms.

The online version of MLA provides guidance in a few different sections:

  • See 2.107 for titles of apps (put in italics, e.g. InstagramTikTok)
  • see 2.123 on very long titles (see note about social media posts)
  • Sections 5.31-5.37 speak about Containers: e.g. how to cite a photo or video clip included on Instagram, TikTok, etc.