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WRI 133/134 Educational Equities

This page provides links to databases and books that students may find useful in researching the D3

Primary sources in books

Primary sources are often found as parts of printed works.  For example, a book on high school students may include interviews or writings by students that describe their personal experiences.

Search the library catalog for the topic you're researching.  Try one or more of these subject headings:

Students--United States

High school students--United States

Middle school students--United States

Boys--United States

Girls--United states

Children--United States

Preteens--United States

African American  students

African American young men

African American young women

African American boys

African American girls

African American children

Hispanic American students

Hispanic American young men

Hispanic American young women

Hispanic American boys

Hispanic American girls

Hispanic American children

Indians of North America--Students

Indians of North America--Young men

Indians of North America--Young women

Indians of North America--Boys

Indians of North America--Girls

Asian American students

Asian American young men

Asian American young women

Asian American boys

Asian American girls

Asian American children


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Selected History databases

General Interest Databases

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