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Guide to Finance Resources - Literature and Data

Public Company Filings - SEC

Many public companies will post their SEC filings in the Investor Relations section of their corporate website.

Company Financial Data - Public

Company Data Resources - Public

This set of resources include sources for company news, earnings calls, SEC filings, profiles and related materials. 

Private Company Information

Annual Reports and 10-Ks

Princeton's Holdings - Princeton University Library has annual reports and 10-K.  Historic paper annual reports can be found in the catalog.  10-K (1966-1987), annual reports (1980-1986, 1992-1994) are on microfiche and are also in the catalog.  SEC documents North America (1989-2003) and international (1990-2003) available from - data is on hard disk. Joint project between Princeton, Harvard and MIT. 

Earnings Estimates

News Analysis


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