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Population Research E-journals: General Science and Medicine Journals

Population Research E-journals by Topic

Selected General Science and Medicine Journals With Online Access

Annals of Internal Medicine  (1960-current in EBSCOhost)

Biodemography and Social Biology (1954-current in Taylor & Francis) (formerly Social Biology)

BMJ: British Medical Journal   (1840-current in Haywire) 

Epidemiology (1990-2005 in JSTOR); (2000-current in OVID)

Genetics (1916-current in Journal Homepage)

Human Biology (1929-2000 in Chadwick); (2001-current in Project Muse)

Journal of Public Health  (1996-current in Oxford Journals)  (Formerly Journal of Public Health Medicine)

Journal of Reproductive Medicine (1996-current in journal home page) obtain password from library catalog )

JAMA, or Journal of the American Medical Association  (1983-current in Journal Homepage)

Lancet (1823-current in ScienceDirect) 

Nature (1869-current in Journal Homepage)

Nature Genetics (1992-current in Journal Homepage)

Nature Medicine (1995-current in Journal Homepage)

New England Journal of Medicine  (1990-current in Journal Homepage)

Parasitology  (1997-current in Journal Homepage)

QJM (or QJMed, or Monthly Journal of the Association of Physicians) (1996-current in Journal Homepage)

Science (1880-2005 in JSTOR, 1997-current in Haywire)

Scientific American  (1910-current in Journal Homepage)

Social Science & Medicine  (1982-current in ScienceDirect)

Statistics in Medicine (1996-current in Wiley)

Theoretical Population Biology  (1970-current in ScienceDirect)

Trends in Parasitology  (2001-current in ScienceDirect)