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WRI 144/145 American Dissent

Databases for information about American Dissent

Selected History databases

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Selected Literature databases


Law Review and Law Journals

The databases listed below contain law journal articles.  Before citing a law review article, it is worthwhile to learn the author's affiliation, usually listed in the article's first footnote. Law journals regularly publish student-written articles, sometimes called "notes."   While these student-written articles can often be high-quality, they might have less authority than a faculty-written article.  Even when this is the case, s student-written can be quite valuable for its citations to related sources.

Case Law

The following database provide electronic access to American case law, statutes, and regulations:

In certain limited circumstances, you may need access to the commercial versions of these databases.  To inquire about this, please contact the law librarian.

Selected Philosophy databases

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