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Judaic Studies

Hebrew Catalog Searching

Click on the "hamburger button" on the upper left to jump to specific topics in the video. The table of contents for the topics is below the video.


0:00-1:05  Introduction
Hebrew Language Searching
1:05-4:05 Hebrew Script vs. Transliteration
4:06-9:30  Which transliteration?
9:40-10:58  Hebrew author searches
10:58-11:50  Strategies to search successfully
11:50-12:42  Beyond keyword searching
12:42-17:14  Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings
Arabic Searching (And Other Languages)
17:14-17:41  Introduction
17:42-19:52  Searching in Arabic, Persian, Ottoman Turkish, etc.
19:53-22:32  Transliteration
22:33-25:23  Browsing
25.23-27:11  LC Transliteration Interlude, with Browsing
27:12-34:06  Facets
34:07-35:13  Contact Us