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Key Library Resources for Journalism: 5)Specialized Article Databases

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Finding U.S. Case Law

The most effective way to conduct case law research in at Princeton is to use Westlaw Campus* (available from the Library's Articles & Databases page). However, the best way to use Westlaw Campus, is TO HAVE A RELEVANT CASE CITATION, BEFORE USING WESTLAW CAMPUS.

So, go to Westlaw Campus "armed" with the citation of a relevant case!  Where do you find a relevant case law citation?  Secondary sources! For example, law journal articles, treatises, even a Google search.  By starting out in Westlaw Campus with a citation, it will be much easier to find more cases on your topic than it is to start Westlaw Campus without a citation.  See the "Getting Started -- Secondary Resources" tab for more information about secondary legal sources.  See below to learn how to find cases on a topic in Westlaw Campus when you start out with relevant citation.

Once you have your citation, enter the Westlaw Campus database and pull up your case by entering its citation in the "Find a Document by citation" search box on the left hand side of the "Law" tab.  See below to learn how to understand a case law citation.

*Note: If Westlaw Campus asks for a password, please click the refresh button on your browser. This should allow access to the database without putting in a password.


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