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Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin: A Research Guide: Bibliographies

A guide to Princeton's resources on Russia's greatest poet.


Отрядом книг уставил полку,

Читал, читал, и все без толку...

Евгений Онегин I: XLIV

General Bibliographies

Bibliografiia proizvedeniĭ A.S. Pushkina i literatury o nem.  M.; L.: Izd-vo AN SSSR,1949-  (RCPPA) Z8718 .B535

Ongoing bibliography of editions of Pushkin's works in all languages and books and articles about him from the Soviet Union, published by the Institute of Russian Literature of the Academy of Sciences.  The bibliography is divided by era covered.  Princeton's holdings cover the bibliography for the years 1886 to 1899 and the bibliographies for 1918 through 1957.

Dobrovolʹskii, L. M., and V. M. Lavrov.  Bibliografiia pushkinskoĭ bibliografii, 1846-1950.  M.: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1951.  (RCPPA) Z8718 .D637 1951

Bibliography of bibliographies of material on Pushkin published between 1846 and 1950.

Leighton, Lauren G.  A bibliography of Alexander Pushkin in English: studies and translations.  Lewiston, Maine: Edwin Mellen Press, 1999.  (F) Z8718.L44 1999

Divided into two parts: the first covers original English-language biographical/critical works on Pushkin, arranged by subject and then alphabetically; the second covers English-language translations of Pushkin, arranged by title or type of work and then chronologically.  Books, articles in reference works and anthologies, dissertations, and periodical articles are included.  Annotations consist of bibliographic descriptions for each item and information on any other extant editions or publications.  No indices.  In English; all materials covered in English.

Specialized Bibliographies

Sambeek-Weideli, Beatrice van.  "Evgenii Onegin" A. S. Pushkina: bibliografiia = Eine Bibliographie zu Puskins "Evgenij Onegin."  Bern: Peter Lang, 1990.  (F) Z8718.S26

Bibliography of Evgenii Onegin and all works connected with it.  Chapters list published editions of the novel, manuscripts of the novel, translations, critical works, editions of and critical works about the musical versions of the novel, dramatizations of the novel, Onegin on film, Onegin in art, and pariodies and pastiches of the novel, together with critical works on them.  Includes author, journal-title, and subject indices.  In Russian (despite place of publication and parallel title); covers works in numerous languages.

Lee, Peter M.  English Versions of Pushkin's Evgenii Onegin.  Last revised 12 June 2013.  Accessed 20 July 2013.

Bibliography of complete English-langauge translations of Evgenii Onegin, including those published as part of bilingual editions.  Links provided to information on translators, partial versions, and other Pushkin bibliographies.  Includes translations of Onegin's first stanza for almost every translation listed.  In English; some Russian text.