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Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin: A Research Guide: Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Concordances

A guide to Princeton's resources on Russia's greatest poet.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Concordances

...Хоть и заглядывал я встарь

В Академический словарь.

Евгений Онегин I: XXVI

General Dictionaries

Slovar' iazyka Pushkina v chetyrekh tomakh.  Otv. red. V. V. Vinogradov.  2nd enl. ed.  M.: Azbukovnik, 2000.  4 v.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 S56 2000

Dictionary of Pushkin's language in four volumes.  Each entry includes a brief definition of the word and examples of Pushkin's use of it in his creative works, essays, and letters, with multiple cross-references to variant words.  Each volume in the set includes an appendix with a guide to abbreviations, a list of Pushkin's works divided by genre and arranged chronologically, and an index of individual poems.  Princeton also owns the first edition of this work (1956-61): (F and RCPPA) PG3350.A3 S56 1956.  Please note that in the first edition, the appendix material is not included in the individual volumes but in a separate supplement.

Shaw, J. Thomas.  Pushkin's rhymes: a dictionary.  Madison, Wisc.: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1974.  (F) PG3350.A3 S5 1974

Dictionary of all Pushkin's rhymes, including those based on unprintable or Latin-character words.  Author uses as sources the 1937-1959 Polnoe sobranie sochinenii published by the Akademiia nauk SSSR (see Pushkin: Collected Works, Annotated and Bilingual Editions, and Commentaries) and the dictionary of Pushkin's language prepared by Vinogradov (see above entry).  Introduction and explanation of methodology in English.

Specialized Dictionaries


Somov, B. P.  Slovar' inoskazanii Pushkina.  M.: AST-Press, 2009.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 S66 2009

Dictionary of cultural references and allegories made by Pushkin in his poetry and prose.  The first part is devoted to expressions and the second to names and symbols; each entry includes an example of Pushkin's use of it and an explanation of the symbolism behind the usage.  Indices and a list of references are provided.  In Russian.


Kriukova, O. S.  Onomastikon romana A. S. Pushkina "Evgenii Onegin."  M.: Izd-vo "MIK," 1999.  (F) PG3343.E83 K75 1999

Dictionary of all names found in Evgenii Onegin.  Each entry includes a brief definition of the name, an example of Pushkin's mention of it in the novel, and citations to any mention of the name in the commentaries on the novel (Brodskii's, Lotman's, and Nabokov's) or in the Putevoditel' po Pushinu (see above).  No indices.  In Russian.

Obukhova, E. S.  Onomastika tvorchestva A. S. Pushkina Peterburgskogo perioda (1817-1820): slovar'.  Voronezh: Istoki, 2009.  (SLAV) PG3359.O27 2009

Dictionary of personal and geographic names used by Pushkin in his work from 1817 to 1820.  Each entry includes a brief definition, citations to reference works that include the person or place, and examples of Pushkin's use of the term.  A list of sources and references is appended.  In Russian; all materials cited in Russian.


Mokienko, V. M., i K. P. Sidorenko.  Slovar' krylatykh vyrazhenii Pushkina.  SPb: Izd-vo Sankt-Peterburgskogo gos. un-ta; Folio-Press, 1999.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 M65 1999

Dictionary of aphorisms from Pushkin's works that have entered the Russian lexicon.  Entries are arranged alphabetically by the first word in the phrase; each entry includes the text from which the aphorism came with citation, a brief explanation of how the aphorism is commonly used, and examples of literary and popular uses.  Appended is a title index of the works from which the aphorisms came and a bibliography of sources consulted.  No keyword index is included.  In Russian; all materials covered in Russian, although there is a section of non-Russian expressions used by Pushkin in Russian-language works.

Mokienko, V. M. i K. P. Sidorenko.  Shkol'nyi slovar' krylatykh vyrazhenii Pushkina.  SPb: Neva, 2005.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 M65 2005

Not a later edition of the above, although there is duplication of content.  Dictionary of Pushkin's aphorisms prepared for primary- and secondary-school students.  Format and drawbacks similar to other volume by these authors.

Slovar' aforizmov i zamechatel'nykh myslei Aleksandra Sergeevicha Pushkina.  Pod red. A. E. Eremeeva.  Omsk: Sfera, 2004.  (F) 3350.A3 S558 2004

This dictionary, although shorter than the others, has the advantage of being arranged by keyword, so appropriate quotations can be found for particular subjects.  Each entry includes a variety of quotes from Pushkin's poetry and prose on that topic, but no definition for the word is provided.  No indices.  In Russian.

General Encyclopedias

Pushkinskaia entsiklopediia: 1799-1999.  M.: Izd-vo AST, 1999.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 P79 1999

Not so much an encyclopedia as a collection of material, some reference and some historical.  Includes an essay on Pushkin in Russian history, a biographical sketch of the author, a selection of memoirs of him by his contemporaries, a chronology of his works, selected pieces on Pushkin by great Russian authors, an illustrated list of notable productions of Pushkin's plays, and a chronological filmography of cinematic adaptations of Pushkin's works.  The central portion is a lengthy biographical dictionary of Pushkin's friends and associates, including portraits (where available) and brief biographical notes.  Each entry includes at least one citation to mention of the person in either Pushkin's own writings or in writings about Pushkin; a list of the works cited is at the end of the section.  No index is provided.  In Russian; almost all materials cited in Russian.

Pushkinskaia entsiklopediia: proizvedeniia.  SPb: Nestor-Istoriia, 2009-  (F) PG3350.A3 P795 2009

Encyclopedia of Pushkin's works, arranged alphabetically by title.  Each entry includes a synopsis of the work, information about its creation, and critical/textual analysis, as well as a section containing information about the original manuscript(s) of the piece, the date of the work, details of its first publication, and a bibliography of critical literature about the work in Russian and Western European languages.  A name index is appended for each volume.  In Russian; materials cited in a variety of languages.  Princeton owns v. 1 (A-D).

Putevoditel' po Pushkinu.  M: EKSMO, 2009.  (F) PG3350.A3 P86 2009

Encyclopedia of Pushkin's life and works, with entries for persons, places, ideas, concepts, and titles.  A chronology of Pushkin's life is appended.  No bibliographies or indices are provided.  In Russian.  The earlier edition, published by "Akademicheskii proekt," is also in Firestone at PG3350.A3 P85 1997.

Specialized Encyclopedias

Oneginskaia entsiklopediia.  Pod obshch. red. N. I. Mikhailovoi.  M.: Russkii put', 1999-2004.  2 v.  (F) PG3343.E83 O54 1999

Encyclopedia of Evgenii Onegin, including persons, places, concepts, ideas, works of art, and events mentioned in the novel.  Articles are lengthy and illustrated, and many include short bibliographies on the subject as it relates to Pushkin and to Evgenii Onegin.  Entry indices are appended to each volume.  In Russian; article bibliographies include works in Russian and Western European langauges.

Pushkinskii kinoslovar'.  Sost. E. M. Barykin i dr.  M.: Sovremennye tetradi, 1999.  (SLAV) PG3350.A3 P87 1999

Filmography of all Russian/Soviet films from 1907 to 1999 that have some relation to the life or works of Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin.  Filmography is divided into screen versions of Pushkin's works and biopics of Pushkin; feature films with references to Pushkin; animated films having some relation to Pushkin; documentary films about Pushkin; and documentary films with references to Pushkin, together with a biographical dictionary of persons having a major part in one of these films.  Each film entry includes complete credits, a synopsis, and a detailed description of any elements relating to Pushkin (if the entire film does not feature him or his work).  The book concludes with a list of films in which Pushkin himself appears as a character and a list of Pushkin's works that have been made into movies or that feature in movies.


Shaw, J. Thomas.  Pushkin: a concordance to the poetry.  Columbus, Ohio: Slavica Publishers, 1985.  2 v.  (F) PG3350.A3 S52

Concordance to all Pushkin's poetical works, including Evgenii Onegin.  Author uses as source the 1937-1959 Polnoe sobranie sochinenii published by the Akademia nauk SSSR (see Pushkin: Collected Works, Annotated and Bilingual Editions, and Commentaries).  Words in Latin characters are not included.  Introduction and explanation of methodology in English.

Gaidukov, D. A.  Opyt konkordansa k romanu v stikhakh A. S. Pushkina "Evgenii Onegin."  M.: LeksEst, 2003.  (F) PG3343.E83 G35 2003

Complete concordance to Evgenii Onegin, including words in foreign languages and certain punctuation marks.  Includes in an appendix the entire text of the novel.  Appended is an alphabetical index of the first lines of each stanza.  In Russian.