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Coeducation: Coeducation at Princeton: Sources in the Archives

Archival Collections

These collections can be searched by keyword (e.g., "coeducation," "women").


The following publications are all available in the Mudd Library reference room and, in most cases, Firestone or other libraries. Mudd copies, however, do not circulate. Check the main Library catalog for availability.


Class Reunion books

Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs

Princeton Alumni Weekly (subject index available at Mudd Library)

The publications listed below are available at Mudd Library as well. Some are located in the reference room, while others can be called down from our closed stacks. Again, you can check the main Library catalog for circulating copies.

Keyser, Catherine. "Transforming the Tiger: A Celebration of Undergraduate Women at Princeton University." (Princeton, New Jersey: Office of Printing and Mailing Services, Princeton University, 2001).

Selden, William K. Women of Princeton: 1746-1969. (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University, 2000).

Bibbins, Kirsten, Anne Chiang and Heather Stephenson, eds. Women Reflect About Princeton. (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Office of Communications, 1989).

Princeton University. Commission on the Future of the College. The report of the Commission on the Future of the College. (Princeton, N.J., Distributed by Princeton University Press, 1973).